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23 artists group show in Bangalore

Ayya Art Galleries of Chennai is holding a group show of 23 senior artists, Art Bengaluru 2012, at UB City, Bangalore.

The show is on till August 24, 2012, says a note from the gallery.

The artists participating in the show include:

Anand Panchal
A P Santhana Raj
Asit Kumar Patnaik
Bratin Khan
Fawad Tamkanat
Laxman Aelay
G Manohar Raja
N S Manoharan
Nityam Singha Roy
Partha Bhattacharjee
Ramesh Gorjala
Ravi K
Sachin S. Jaltare
Shakeel Momin
Sekhar Roy
 Shyamal Mukherjee
Shreekanth Kurva
Somenath Maity
Suresh Gulage
Subrata Das
Vijayraaj Bodhankar

Anand Panchal’s acrylic on canvas, mesmerising Asit Kumar Patnaik’s acrylic and oil on canvas, A P Santhana Raj’s intriguing pen and ink on paper works, Bratin Khan’s alluring ‘Krishna’, tempera on canvas, Fawad Tamkanat’s magnificent ‘Time’, Karuppiah’s lunging bronze horses, Laxman Aelay’s acrylic pen and ink on canvas ‘man’ and ‘lady’, G Manohar Raja’s inspiring Radha Krishna pieces, N S Manoharan’s pen and ink on paper, Nityam Singha Roy’s Radha Krishna with ethereal qualities, Partha Bhattacharjee’s intriguing ‘Power of Soul’ on canvas and wood, Ramesh Gorjala’s detailed and mythology-infused ‘Ganesha’, ‘Vishnu’, ‘Hanuman’ and ‘Krishna’, Ravi K’s ‘Flowers and Young Girl’, Sachin S. Jaltare’s mixed media on canvas, Shakeel Momin’s water colours, Sekhar Roy’s acrylic on canvas, Shyamal Mukarjee’s alluring ‘Couple’, Shreekanth Kurva’s powerful ‘Bull’, Somenath Maity’s ‘Structure’, Suresh Gulage’s splash of red, Subrata Das’ subtle experiments with acrylic on canvas, Vijayraaj Bodhankar’s ‘The Truth of Empty Space’, which have a haunting quality, and Vimalanathan’s ‘Enlightenment Series’ would be on display and for sale.

For more info:

Ayya Art Galleries

33, Woods Road

1st Floor

(Opp Express Avenue 6th gate)

Chennai – 600002.


Phones: 044- 42158062/063/+91-9841076654


Aug 17, 2012
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