Surrendering unto Krishna
Rajashree says Krishna assures Uddhava that the best way to reach him is for a devotee to concentrate his mind on the lord and want him alone... more
Separating self from non-self
Like in Bhagavad Gita, Krishna talks of the three gunas in Uddhava Gita and says that they rule the mind and action of man, says Rajashree... more
Action, action, action
Krishna winds up his Bhagavad Gita sermon to Arjuna by insisting that one should continue to do action, writes Balaji... more
Winning over Krishna
Krishna enlightens Uddhava that he is not satisfied with austerity, renunciation, social work or chanting but can be won over by satsanga... more
Krishna delineates caste system
Balaji, in his continuing Bhagavad Gita exposition, says that Krishna bases the fourfold division of castes on the three gunaas... more
Actions and their definitions
Balaji says in this Bhagavad Gita write-up that Krishna defines the basis for actions that are performed in the world also as sattwa, rajas, tamas... more
Distinction between bondage and liberation
Rajashree says that Krishna tells Uddhava in Uddhava Gita that bondage and liberation both co-exist in one and the same individual and need understanding... more
Act but without attachment
Balaji culls material from the Bhagavad Gita to say that acts should be performed but should be done with no attachment and looking for the fruits of the action... more
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