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16th Year “ Marghazhi Bala Utsavam ” 2018.

“The Mylapore Trio” - Amarnath, Surendranath, Aparna, Secretary - Sugathan and Members of Sri Sumukhi Rajasekharan Memorial Foundation conducted the 16th year “Marghazhi Bala Utsavam” recently, in which 184 children from Pre-Kg to Undergraduate level took part in the multifarious competitions at various levels. There were nearly 30 competitions categorized under Performing Arts, Fine Arts and Academic Arts and held for nearly ten days. The Prizes and Certificates for the children of the Kids Section were distributed by “Sakala Kala Valli” Smt. Revathi Sankaran with great joy. Sugathan said that all the Kids, both Boys & Girls lined up with gorgeous Tradtional Attire, which was a feast to our eyes.


On this occasion, the Mylapore TrioS also celebrated  Saint Thyagaraja Aradhana in which “Pancharatna Kritis” was rendered by Shri. Deepak Srinivas in Guitar which something unique and unusual. This was followed by a vibrant and entysing Violin concert by Shri. Ram Sundar, an alumnae of Our Foundation. The programme was held at Narada Gana Sabha on Monday, 29th January 2018. The Mini Hall was jam – packed with Rasikas young and old who gave a tremendous applause and encouragement to the group. On the dais was placed an antique picture (dated 1931) of the historic scene of Lord Rama and ensemble giving darshan to Saint Thyagaraja and his Dharmapathni. There were also the Panchaloha Vigrahams of the Sangeetha Mummoorthigal which is one of the rare icon collections of the Trio. Adding fervour to the event, all the Children, Parents and Rasikas presented themselves in gorgeous Traditional Attire.

The Function was a memorable & a distinct experience to one and all…


Feb 02, 2018
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