A Peep into the Musical Past by Dr.S.Amarnath with M.A. History Students

Dr. S. Amarnath (one of the “Mylapore Trio”) who is a Professor of History at Presidency College, Chennai, led a group of Ph.D and M.A students to the “IYAL ISAI MUSEUM”- A special Exhibition organized by the Madras Museum at Egmore on Saturday 10th Feb. The Post-Graduate students have a subject on “Performing Arts of Tamil Nadu” in which they have a chapter on Musical Instruments and hence he took the initiative to guide them to have a visual treat and hands on experience. The students were amazed to see the models of rare musical instruments of ancient origin and icons of Nataraja displayed at the Gallery. They were for the first time exposed to such cultural exhibits and evinced keen interest to know more about them. Professor Amarnath shared his knowledge about musical instruments to the students, which he had taught them in the Class as a part of the Curriculum. He himself being an Alumna of Kalakshetra and a Classical Dancer of yester years took the initiative to give them a new experience at the Museum. Dr. Amarnath’s aim is to take Fine Arts and Performing Arts to Academic Arena and Research Forum. Professor Amarnath has also produced and guides many Ph.D and M.Phil scholars in Cultural History. His siblings Surendranath and Aparna also were a part of this group and shared their own information on the subject. At the end of the day the students were amply satisfied and thanked their Professor Amarnath for exposing them to a new World which they have not seen so far. 

Mrs.Tulasi Brinda the Madras Museum Admin-Incharge and Curator of the Zoology Section who was also an M.Phil Student of Dr.S.Amarnath, accompanied the group.

Feb 20, 2018
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