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Nanganallur Anjaneyar temple - 2

Holy Exercise

At this juncture, the stone had to be transported from Peramanallur. This monolithic granite, 35 ft in length, 10 ft in width, 10 ft in breadth and 150 tonnes was loaded in a truck easily.

The Almighty reiterated the fact that he alone is above caste, creed or religion. The combined efforts of the transporter, a Muslim, the driver, a Christian, and trustees, Hindus, highlight this fact. When the stone was being transported to Chennai, a monkey shed its mortal coils on it. Is it not a divine decree? When there are other creatures, why should a monkey alone die there? It can be answered only by the Almighty. The Christian driver buried the monkey and poured milk on its grave.

Nanganallur was struggling without a subway then. The railway gate was the saviour to human and vehicular traffic. Since the gate was as just broad as the truck it was a harrowing time for the driver to pass through it. Everyone prayed to God as human effort was impossible. The bewildered trustees were at their wits’ end. People gathered there and chanted Rama nama. The driver pulled off the truck at one go and entered Nanganallur without any hassle. The efficacy of chanting God’s name is highlighted in this episode. The stone was brought to the temple site. It is said faith can move mountains and now faith has moved a stone.

Renowned sculptor Muthiah Sthapathi was engaged in chiselling the icon. The transformation of the stone into icon form surprised he sculptor and he was unable to explain anything. He was just an instrument in chiselling the lord’s form as the image of the lord emerged from within the stone and he was awestruck at the progress.

Tail Facing Downwards

When the sculptor was sculpting the tail upwards, it broke. The members at once sought the advice of the sage of Kanchi - Paramacharya who said the tail should be chiselled downwards. Why is that so? Since Rama’s shrine was planned inside the temple and as a mark of respect, Anjaneya’s tail should face downwards.

Miracles and Mysteries

The watchman of the temple had a divine vision. He claims he saw a figure from Raghavendra Mutt proceeding towards the stone and paying obeisance to it. The apparition then returned to the mutt after worshipping the stone. Undoubtedly, it was Raghavendra Swami, who is a staunch devotee of Anjaneyar, who worshipped the stone. Another devotee of Rama claims to have a seen a jyothi on Anjaneya’s chest. The jyothi symbolises Lord Rama who is permanently stationed there with Sita. Thus, Rama and Sita are sculpted on Anjaneya’s chest.

Consecration of the Icon

Before installation, the icon of the lord was immersed in milk, grains, flowers, pulses, etc. This is done to infuse power and energy in the icon.

The icon was immersed in a huge tank with 12,000 litres of milk for two days. It is a natural process for milk to curdle. In this case, the milk remained fresh as ever. The providential interference is discernible in several aspects. Similarly, when the icon was laid in the water tank and after a stipulated period it burst on its own which, according to pundits, was a good sign. The sthapathi, after finishing the work, declared that the lord emerged on his own and his contribution was very little.

The lord is santham personified with no traces of ugraha. There is panchamukha embedded under the lord which has made him omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.

The installation was done by a devotee who volunteered to do the divine job. The devotee with technical expertise in heavy duty erection considered it his blessing to execute the job. Maplas, a socialist group from Kerala, were pious and observed strict discipline during this period to uphold the sanctity of their mission.

At the appointed, auspicious time, the icon was consecrated to the chanting of mantras and joy of the devotees. The trustees were on cloud nine. Kumbhabishekam was a grand event which took place on March 19,,1995. A lotus-shaped pedestal (peedam) to hold the mammoth icon of the lord was created and precious gems were placed under it to create a divine aura.

Anjaneyar Sprang a Surprise

The sthapathi found that the lord’s eyes were tilted towards the left. It is believed that the lord was glancing at his devotee Raghavendra Swami. Is it not convincing?

Aadhi Vyadhi Hara Bhaktha Anjaneyar

He is a cosmic doctor as he wipes out the Karma Vyadhi. He not only cleanses the body but also the soul. Our anatomical abnormalities are completely cured once we propitiate the lord.

The Gopuram

The construction of the gopuram was undertaken by a philanthropic group. The group was upset seeing the temple without a super structure and the sanctum sanctorum without a roof. The temporary thatched roof had blown away. Probably the Vayuputra wanted a roof and he attracted the devotees likewise. Thus, they decided to cover the icon - whether it is coincidence or what you will, the God has a special technique to get things done. Generally, it is only after the construction of the superstructure that the icon is consecrated. Here, it is vice versa. The construction of the super structure will be marked in the annals of history because a similar thing happened in the reign of Raja Raja Chola in the famous Brahadeeswara temple. The temple kalasam is made of copper which is laced with gold. It is 72 ft in height, and the mesmeric kalasam beckons devotees from far-off places.

The trustees donated 32 cows to 32 pundits symbolically to mark the height of the lord. The peedam and the lord are united by a golden band.

Netra Unniyam, the ritualistic opening of the eyes of the lord, was performed. The rituals are performed according to Agama sastras. There is a goshala where cows are protected.

Raksha Bandhan

A unique feature of the temple is Raksha Bandhan. A red thread of 21 knots is given to the devotees on Saturdays who request for it. The knots are tied after a special chanting of mantras by Vedic pundits. This helps solve all kinds of problems faced by people.

The endless distribution of prasadam is the highlight of the temple.

Pavaman Annadhanam Trust feeds 150 people every day.

Hanumath Jayanthi is celebrated as a grand event with a fortnight-long music festival which is carnival time here. Pancharatna Kritis are rendered by musicians during Rama Navami.

The trustees have toiled hard to make this temple a spiritual edifice.


Feb 05, 2010
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