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In the lead up to the festival of lights, comes the auspicious day of Dhanteras. We celebrate the victory of good over evil and pray that we all are blessed with an abundance of prosperity, happiness, wellbeing, and health. An age-tradition that we have all witnessed as part of the celebration during our growing up years and most of us still follow is the purchase of gold, diamond, or silver jewellery, and silver utensils as an offering to Goddess Lakshmi. The word “Dhanteras”, as the word “Dhan” literally means wealth and “Tera” comes from 13th. Ahead of Lakshmi Pujan, females of the household draw rangoli. Devotional songs, aartis are sung and several types of tempting delicacies are prepared. Lord Kuber is also worshipped along with Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Dhanteras who is regarded as the treasurer of wealth. The secret of worshipping both is in the prospect of increasing the benefit of every prayer. So today we give you 10 great reasons why choosing Tanishq is the best choice this Dhanteras:



One Lakh design for everyone starting from Rs. 20,000

Whether you are from Punjab or from Kerala, this Dhanteras Tanishq has something for each of you with its vast range of 1 Lakh designs for all communities in India. No matter where you are in India, you can walk into a Tanishq store and be assured that you will find what you are looking for, and in the price range you are looking for.


Attractive Offers -up to 25% off on making charges of plain gold jewellery and up to 25% off on the value of diamond jewellery.

This Dhanteras Tanishq is spreading the goodness to all who love purity and is offering up to 25% off on making charges of plain gold jewellery and up to 25% off on the value of diamond jewellery. What more could you ask for, when you are assured both purity and craftsmanship at such great value.



Purity at its best

Know that the gold you buy from Tanishq is pure and good to the very last Karat. From the sourcing to the creation of every piece of jewellery, Tanishq ensures that you are getting the purity you paid for. Along with that is Tanishq’s state-of-the-art Karatmeter to ensure the Tanishq promise of purity in every piece of jewellery you buy. It’s a promise to never let you down.



Gold Coins are available

Along with a whole range of designs at different price points, Tanishq also brings a variety of gold coins to suit every taste and every budget. It ensures that you will never be disappointed when you purchase one of its gold coins, taking home with you its promise of purity.


Best Exchange Value

Let this Dhanteras be that time when you convert an old piece of jewellery that you have tired of and no longer cherish. Bring them into any of the Tanishq’s store, watch them being melted and weighed right in front of you, and rest assured that you will get the best exchange value to buy a new design from Tanishq’s extensive range.






The TATA promise of Trust is another reason to visit a Tanishq store this Dhanteras. With over 100 years of the TATA trust, you could take part in our attractive GHS and SNS schemes, both of which let you build your investment of money over time periods of your choice enabling you to buy the exquisite jewellery you always wanted. All this with no worry on the money invested.   



 Complete Transparency in billing process

Don’t let the concern and worry of billing charges come in your way when buying jewellery. Whether buying new jewellery or exchanging old jewellery for new, the clear billing process at Tanishq will put your mind at ease.


An Experience that can be cherished for life

At the end of the day, Tanishq is India’s most trusted jeweller – when you purchase a piece of jewellery you become part of the Tanishq family that brings with it the promise of giving you the best shopping experience, the best value, the best purity in product, and best range of products and designs made to your taste. That promise remains steadfast -- through the jewellery you buy and across all its 200 stores.


Unforgettable experience

Don’t let the tiring shopping season and the crowds upset you. Enjoy the goodness of the season with our courteous store assistants who act as your personal shopping guide. With their vast experience and knowledge, they can help identify the exact piece of jewellery you are looking for and you can take your own sweet time to decide which one you like the most -- way up to midnight! A sure way to beat the crowds, not to mention the mad traffic.


The Tanishq stores will remain open until midnight on Dhanteras

Oct 17, 2017
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