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A spiritual sojourn-1

My visit to Bhaskararajapuram,a beautiful little village nestled in the midst of greenery on the banks of the Kaveri proved to be both an energizing and learning experience.

 Eleven of us, close and extended family members, set out in a van on the early morning of the 2nd of September. After a sumptuous brunch and a variety of snacks we reached the village for lunch.

Bhaskararajapuram is one of the few villages with temples for the worship of all Gods in the Hindu pantheon.Other such villages are to mention a few,Thirukkodicaval,Maharajapuram,Thiruvalangadu and Kadiramangalam temples which are all small and compact. All these temples belong to different eras. The present residents of these villages are working hard to preserve and maintain their heritage. Periodic renovations of the temples and gatherings of people for various temple related functions and activities ensures that our traditions are kept alive.

Bhaskarararajapuram is named after Baskararayar a diminutive Maharashtrian Brahmin who made this quaint village his home.He is renowned for his scholarship and learning of the sastras and is said to have written the Bhashyam for LalithaSahasranamam,a formidable task indeed.The village acquires its name from the temple built in honour of Bhaskararayar and Anandavalli.The temple was built by Smt.Padmavathi the wife of Sri Bhaskararayar to honour the memory of her husband and his first wife.

 Sri Bhaskararayar is spoken of very highly for his contribution to the SRIVIDYA cult.The followers of this cult are spread all over the world and hold periodic meetings to renew and relearn the occult practices.ShakthiUpasakas believe that Devi is the Ultimate Divine and both Mantric and Tantric practices are followed by these worshippers.They worship the symbol of Mount Meru.Mount Meru is supposed to be the peak on top of the earth and is considered the SWARGA or paradise.

 Instead of idol worship the Devi Upasakas install the Meru in places of worship.In keeping with this tradition Bhaskararajapuram has a small temple dedicated to Devi.The Meru in this temple was gifted by the great Paramacharya of Kanchi to Sri G.SrinivasaIyer one of the residents of the village to be installed in Bhaskararajapuram as this was considered one of the holiest spots.

To be contd.


Dr Indira Ramanathan

Sep 16, 2014
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