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Last week we had an interesting meeting of MEDHA MAITHRI friends. Medha Maithri, a voluntary association of approximately 20-25 educated and enlightened ladies of the city.The title says it all.They are seekers of knowledge hence, Medha Maithri. It is unique in the sense , our association is only to acquire and dessiminate knowledge.

The association was started seven years ago at the initiative of its founder president Dr Prema Kasthuri and Viji Raghavan is the first secretary. Besides , there is an experts commuter that includes Mrs Indira Ramanathan , Prema Srinivasan , Sita Sundararaman and Indhu Narayanan. In order to help the smooth functioning of the association we have divided our responsibilities. The meetings are held on every third Thursday of each month at each members residence who hosts us with lunch. Annually ten meetings are held and one meeting is reserved for the celebration of our anniversary. We travel to small places of interest in and around Madras during that day.

The meetings are held at eleven in the morning and we have one external resource person addressing us and the next meeting would be a home meet which gives an opportunity to the members to display their talents.

To mention a few of the interesting meets -
1) Major Natarajan spoke on Sri Lanka issue before the death of Prabhakaran
2) UNESCO official Mr Ravi Rajan spoke on South East Asia .
3) A session with the Brahmakumari's
4) During women's day we had a specialist Swarna Rajagopal who spoke on women's issues and we honoured her.

During a recent meeting , we had the good fortune to have Gowri Ramnarayan as our guest speaker. Gowri Ramnarayan is an author , playwright , art critic all things rolled into one , truly an Ashtavadhani. She chose a very interesting topic which dealt with four prominent women from our mythology , each unique in their own way. To name them- Sita , Draupadi , Yashodhara and Meera Bai. All the four were devoted wives and two of them , Sita and Draupadi are honoured and worshipped as true Pathivrathas. What is special about them was , even while strictly following the footsteps of their respective husbands they chartered their own course and left their mark on the history if women if India.

To be contd.                                                                                     Dr Indira Ramanathan

Sep 03, 2014
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