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Astrology a mathematical perspective-7

Both BhaskaraAcharya and Lilavathi were considered to be unparallel and a memorial to their great intelligence. In his thesis Siddhantha Shiromani (1150 CE), he wrote about planetary motions, eclipses, cosmography, trigonometry, calculus and about some of the astronomical equipments also. The first Part is Gola Adhyaya about spheres and second Part is Graha Ganitha about Mathematics of the planets.  In Surya Siddhantha he described the force of gravity. The Objects fall on earth due to a force of attraction by the earth, well before Newton’s discovery by 500 years. The earth, the other planets, the constellations, the Moon and the Sun are held in orbit due to this force of attraction only. With this platform, his junior scholars of various continents like Kepler (1571 to 1630 CE – A German astronomer who stated the laws of planetary motion) cherished well.


n Mahabarat, Maharishi Parasara well predicted the time to get blessed with a son (Our great philosopher sage Vyasa), who could be esteemed and unparalleled in our civilization, which was proved to be perfect.  Sage Vyasa predicted and informed the King Yudheeshtra that he will suffer for next 14 years, had become true and he had been driven out to the forest after losing the dice game.


he Karnaataka ruler Tippu Sultan, who had revolted against the British Government, had no belief in Astrology.  He once summoned a famous contemporary Astrologer to his court to check the accuracy of the Astrology.  He asked the astrologer to predict which way out of four gates of court, will he come out.  Then the astrologer told him that on his prediction, he may change his direction to disprove it.  The King Tippu on his part said that once if he gets out of this hall, then the Astrologer can also easily record it as his prediction to prove it.  Then both came to a solution that the astrologer should record his prediction and hand over it to a common man and thereafter Tippu should come out of the hall and the check the accuracy.  After recording the prediction, Tippu advised his soldiers to break the corner of the court where there is no door and came out.  He surprised to note that the same was recorded in the prediction correctly. 

Tippu wished to check for the second time.  He had a pet parrot.  The same was connected to the golden ring of his ring finger with a thin golden chain. This time he asked about the life of the parrot.  Astrologer predicted a long years of life for the parrot.  After the prediction about its time of death, to disprove the prediction Tippu took his sword and slashed on the parrot.  But fortunately, the parrot with a fear, attempted to fly. The swift sword fell on the connected chain and cut it.  The released bird flew through the windows of the hall.  Then who can check the life of the parrot.


to be contd.


Kesava Ranga Ramanujacharya

Sep 28, 2016
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