Art of storytelling

As for as we know storytelling is considered to be an entertaining one. But it has a very big history that we don't know. And it also has certain features and rules to tell the story. Let us know more about storytelling.

 Storytelling is a form of art which is used for sharing and interpreting experiences. Generally, stories are used to learn subjects, history, cultural, teach moral values, to express our speaking skills and for entertain people. Oral traditions of storytelling are found in several civilizations. Oral stories are passed to next generation. Oral storytelling can be in the form of song, poetry, dance etc. If we are telling stories to children our gestures and expressions plays a major role. And their is a important and unknown fact is children will have only seven minutes of attention. So, to grab their attention we must be very active in our actions. To deliver a story two things are very important one is oral language and the other is body language. In oral language voice modulation that is expressing the situation of the story or a character through voice. Next is the style of speaking, breathing, singing, sound effects, etc. This can be done to grab the attention of the audience or listener especially the children. And the second is body language in this eye contact is very important and expressions how  we move our body parts, we can use mask, puppets, etc. Human knowledge is based on stories and the human brain consists of cognitive machinery which is necessary to understand, remember and tell stories. Anything which is expressed in the form stories can be remembered for long time. In this modern era, researches also done on storytelling. The nationally recognized storytelling and creative drama organizations, Neighborhood Bridges, in Minneapolis says that storytelling has been assessed for critical literacy skills and the learning of theatre related term. Storytelling has also been studied as a way to investigate and archive cultural knowledge. Another research says storytelling can heal the person from mental stress. This type of storytelling are called as Therapeutic Storytelling. Finally, we came to our conclusion. Several storytelling organizations started in U.S. during 1970's. After many organizations in 1993 UK founded the Society of Storytelling. In 2000 it is officially announced First week of February as a National Storytelling Week. And now we are celebrating it as a World Storytelling Day.


  : Jagadeeshwari .S withAarthi .B, Ansalam selestina .A, Monicka .W, Mohana .P,Janani Priyadharshini . A, Racheal Daphne Manuel

Feb 13, 2018
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