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Going green is a modern day concept as more people are aware and awakened to go green and people now seem to be more conscious to go green and environment friendly. We always think of going green and also get advised to go green by environmentalists. Going green though not fully but partially has worked with people and most of the people always like to go green even though they are unable to do it fully. One of the best possible ways to go green is with the help of a plant nursery. We can grow saplings, trees etc to make our environment healthy. Ever wondered what a plant nursery has in it? Ever peeped into a plant nursery nearby your house?

A plant nursery is nothing but has various kinds of flowering plants, seeds, trees, manure, pesticides, flower pots, soils, earthworms, etc to sell to the public.

As far as flower pots are concerned even before a decade ago only mud baked flower pots were used but now a days in addition to it, cement and plastic flower pots are also used, which in various sizes, shapes and colours, add to the interest of the buyers.

In flowering plants, we can see roses, hibiscuses, marigolds, daises, lilies, mani plants and other rare varieties of flowering plants among which some of them are even imported from foreign countries. Owners of the nursery revealed that rose plants are always the best sellers among the people and that everyone loves rose as it is used for various purposes like in beauty parlours, decorations and ceremonies, on Valentine’s Day etc. They also added that rose is a plant which comes out with various varieties like Bangalore rose, Kashmir rose, Paneer rose, Table rose, Ordinary rose (country rose), Button rose and also in imported varieties. Roses are also in various colours like yellow, red, and pink, orange and also in mixed colours after grafting. Moreover it is felt that rose is the only plant which can be reproduced and maintained by people easily and cheaply. The nursery employees say that Bangalore rose is the easiest to maintain when compared to other varieties of roses and Ordinary roses (country roses) are the ones that produce more number of roses. They also have rare varieties of roses like violet roses and other imported varieties of roses.

As far as for other flowers, Hibiscuses are also of two kinds like Ordinary and Pune Hibiscuses. The variety of Pune hibiscuses is larger and more attractive than ordinary hibiscuses. Hibiscuses also are found in red, pink and yellow colours.

They also plant saplings like coconut papaya mango t , banana and other fruits. . These nurseries also take bulk orders if their customers want and sell. Moreover some of the nurseries even rent their plants (eg.crotons and flowering plant) to people who are wanting it to decorate a place temporarily.

Plant nurseries also sell Cactus plants of different varieties varying from Rs.200 to Rs.800. cactus plant needs only few drops of water to survive and hence they are even used to keep inside the houses for decorative purposes. There are also other costly trees like Golden Brisers which grows like a pillar. The cost of the plant ranges from Rs.200 to Rs.800.

Some other plants which are rarely found and very much liked by people is the Adenium plant and the cost of the plant ranges from Rs.900 to Rs.950.

These nurseries also have crotons and vegetable plants like radish, ladies finger, tomato, brinjals and chillies which they grow and sell. The nursery maintainers say that now a days even vegetable plants are selling popularly as terrace gardening or balcony gardening is becoming famous in apartments. Some also do terrace gardening as a hobby.

In addition to this they also have medicinal plants to sell like tulsi, karpuravalli, avocado, vibhuti pachai, ginger, turmeric, vallarae, mala vembu, modakattan, badam, tippalli, naivurumbi, vilvam, touch me not, mint tulsi, karum tulasi, etc. They sell almost most of the items which are used in ayurvedics and home remedies by our grand mothers.

As far as pesticides are concerned they sell liquid pesticide for Rs.100 and other powder pesticides for Rs.40 or Rs.50. powder pesticide can either be sprinkled directly or mixed in water and sprayed. For liquid pesticide it is like half a cap of it is mixed in one litre of water and sprayed.

Thus strong passion is needed to look after the plants and a good nature lover definitely looks after them properly. Thus for proper maintaining of the plants we have to definitely look after its well being. if required give only sufficient fertilizers, check the pH level of the soil, protect it from pests and insects and thus do the right things the plant needs at proper time.

To take good care of the potted plants choose the flower pot, potting mix and the plant properly. Watering of the plant is also very essential and only adequate amount of water should be given to the plant. Dead heeding is also very important. Pinching or cutting off faded blooms, known as deadheading, is essential. It encourages a plant to keep producing more flowers.







Mar 04, 2015
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