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Age is no bar for workouts

Arthi Ramamurthy  is 42 years old. After marriage and due to job stress and taking junk foods in her regular appetite reason she became  obesein the age of 34. She was in depression as her dresses were unfit to wear and her stress resulted with constipation problem. Then she decided to control her weight by doing some work outs, but she had to travel long distance as there was no gym separately for women in her area.

Then, she came to know one of her friend Prabha(women entrepreneur)  whostarted a gym for women. Arthi says that her mother was pillar support to her and encouraged her to do exercise. Being a daughter, mother and business women she finds difficult to manage her time for gym. Even though lack of time, she has the hope that she can lose her weight and she continued.

She started with 91 kgs with GM diet and lost  4kgs this encouraged her and motivated herself to move forward towards the goal. But her workout  stopped because of fracture, she had pain  Her hard work gave  her the healthy result that she lost 24 kgs in healthy way. She consider exercise as “stress buster

Priya 22 year old married young lady,says that Arthi is her inspiration to reduce her weight without losing hope. Prabha says that Arthi “she is not a woman, she is a girl”. Arthi also encouraged others to reduce weight. Susan who is 43 year old, a maths teacher comes to gym to recover from her post-surgical pain. She was given very mild exercise due to her surgery. She finds reducing weight even with that mild workouts. That gave her spark to reduce weight. And for many reason she was forced to reduce weight as her husband use to fun at her as fatty and she also faced constipation problem, difficult to wear favorite dress, couldn’t do household work like washing cloths and vessels. While walking she use to gasp for breath even for shorter distance. In result of losing ten kgs.Her health consciousness made her to physically fit and feel young at heart and energetic. Hence exercise is not only keep your body fit it also make your mind strong and it will be feel good factor.







Feb 22, 2016
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