Hog a Dog-The Hotdog Festival at Sitcom

The Hotdog Festival at Sitcom-The Drama Diner at Neelankarai called as “Hog a Dog”,features an assortment of hotdogs named after famous cartoon dogs. The filling is varied in texture and topping. Surprisingly, vegetarians have choices too and the festival is running until the end of February.


“Hog a Dog” offers 10 varieties of hotdogs with the vegetarians getting three choices,


Mr.Peabody, named after a dog which appeared in the late 1950s and 60s. It comes with in house dog made with potato and couscous. The dog is seared in the pan and placed between the buns and topped with relish and mustard.


For people who are vegetarians and want protein content and something spicy, can choose the all fun Goofy. On the base bun, the paneer sticks, tossed in spicy sauce are placed and topped with relish and mustard.


If cheese is your calling, then your choice should be Pluto. It comes with crumb fried mozzarella cheese sticks and topped with cheese sauce and fries.


For the meat lovers, it starts with The Classic named after Scooby Doo. The sausage is grilled and topped with mustard, mayonnaise and pickles.


If you like bacon, then your choice should be Krypto-The Superdog. The sausage is wrapped with bacon and grilled on hot plate. It is then placed on the bun and topped with cheese.


Next in line is the hot dog named after the famous dachshund of the Oswald cartoon series, Weenie. The grilled dog is topped with beef chilli and cheese sauce.


If you are looking for a different texture of hot dog, then the dog of choice should be Snoopy. The dog is batter fried, coated with fried and topped with bbq sauce.


Named after the cowardly dog “Courage”, is the sausage topped with caramelised onion, crispy bacon, corn and cheese. The crunch of the bacon blends well with the onion and cheese.


Giving a little variety to the texture is Droopy. The grilled beef is sautéed with capsicum,onion and hot sauce and placed on the bun. More of a sub than a hot dog, is that bit spicy.


The best is left for the last. Spike the famous dog from Tom and Jerry, is loaded with meat. The grilled sausage is placed along with cheese strips, pepperoni and topped with beef chilli , diced tomato  and crispy bacon.


The hotdog are priced between  200 to 450 + taxes with Mr.Peabody at lower end of the spectrum and Spike at the higher end.


For reservations contact

Sitcom-The Drama Diner

145, East Coast Road;



Ph: +91 89399 21111

Feb 15, 2018
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