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As William Bolitho said “Adventure must start with running away from home.” From the day man wanted to survive he went in search of something new. Then people started moving from their native places for the purposes like employment, education, family moved, marriage and others. Census of India shows that the main source of information is migration. Our culture is not so obsessed with the move from a small -town, get a start in the big city. In 1991 census further modification was made when the two more reasons were added in the list. They were "business" and "natural calamities". The 2001 census further made change in the list by dropping "natural calamities" and "moved after birth" was added to the list. Since, man has a tendency to leave the areas in which life is difficult, he migrates to the areas where life may be easy and better. Research reveals that people in cities are 21 percent more at risk for anxiety disorders and 30 percent more likely to have a mood disorder.  "Employment" as a reason of migration is more dominant in the developed states like Punjab, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Gujarat where "pull factors" are more conspicuous. These states attract population from almost all states. It may be because of better job opportunities and other developments in the state.




 The second most dominant reason of migration in all the states is "moved with household". The states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Haryana report a significantly larger share of migrant under this reason. And if we come out from our hometown we have to meet the circumstances like experiencing new places, meeting new people, learn not everyone is like you, live away from your parents and kith and kin, leave your comfortable zone and also makes you feel proud and appreciative of yourself. India has the largest diaspora population in the world with over 15.6 million according to United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. As per Ministry of External Affairs report there are approximately 30.8 million Indian diaspora residing outside India. Indian diaspora has alternate names like NRI, PIO and overseas Indians. People have their higher place attachment to their homes than their local areas.   .  When we meet people they ask name and then "Where's home for you?    We would start to mention by considering each of those places about our home at one time or other like as it was for months or years we would have came through. However, leaving changes you.  Leaving makes you better in ways you can't understand until you do it yourself.

 Preethi, Lakshmi, Iswariya, Banupriya, Dincy, Kalki, Catherine

Jan 26, 2018
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