Valentine’s Day is back again in  2018  . We  have already started to celebrate  right from  February 7  like rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day, kiss day and finally on February 14 Valentine’s day is celebrated. And this week is said to be as love week or Valentines week. We would have rushed for our loved ones to get the best greeting cards, beautiful flowers, best chocolates and more. We would have never minded the cost of the gift we are buying for them.


 During this month ‘the rose flower dealer’ gets a great profit. Love may be the matter of the heart but certain illustrations makes the shopkeepers to think about the economy.  This day holds plenty of importance in most few life span. The history of  Valentine’s day and the story of its patron saint is shrouded in mystery. As we know St. Valentine’s Day contains both Christian and   Roman tradition. From the ancient time we have some common figures to indicate love like heart shaped figure, doves, love birds, red roses and the winged cupids. And we also have symbolic couples like Laila and Majnu, Ambikapathy and Amaravathi and more saying that we should be like those couples who lived  as a great example.  This beautiful love started to flourish right from Geoffrey Chaucer’s period that is from fourteenth century. There is a saying that love conquers all, when it comes between the lovers- love is like a holy one which comes beyond caste, creed and religion. It doesn’t have the age limit or class variation in it. It is not just a lust, it shows the understanding and unity among them. Nothing is much more important when compared to an extremely living soul. This is the day not for only committed and married couples it is also celebrated for people who still have the marital status as single. These people go and meet their friends and celebrate. India is well known as a culture filled with ancient traditions. The Hindu culture contradicts many of the western world’s ideals. Valentine’s Day celebrations are known to clash with India’s conservative religious background. It has been in the most recent years that Valentine’s  Day  has become widely recognized in India. The young couples dress in fine clothing and show their loved one how they feel about them. Hearts symbolizes love it also symbolizes life. Giving ones heart to another person is the ultimate pleasure of love. Every 366 becomes a Valentine’s day for those who share the true love between them with unity and great understanding!!!





Feb 11, 2018
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