ORRA’s Barcode collection

   If asked to define yourself, what words would you choose? Would you state your profession, age or educational qualification? Or would you define yourself by a beautiful journey of love, unique only to you? Dwelling on the parallel yet interconnected design of the barcode, ORRA Platinum Bands launches its Barcode collection. Symbolic of a story unique to every couple, the collection consists of his and her rings with designs encrypted in the form of a barcode for ‘U’, ‘S’ and ‘US’.


Similar to a set of interconnected lines drawn parallel in the universe to put you and him/her together, through this new collection ORRA celebrates the ‘meant to be’s’! A globally recognized representation of data these barcode embedded rings uniquely define stories of timeless love. Curated in eternal platinum and studded with exquisite Belgian diamonds, the range within this collection comes with different symbolisms of love. A ‘heart’ for undying love, or a cityscape overlooking the marvelous ocean view, each a story simply waiting to be told.


Speaking on the launch, Mr. Vijay Jain (CEO and Director – ORRA) says, “The Barcode collection from ORRA’s Platinum Couples banner is a continued testimony to the brands celebration of love. With over a decade of experience in conceptualizing and designing breath taking couple bands, we have been able to effectively cater to the engagement and wedding markets. Overall platinum sales are seeing a double digit growth, especially for rings. Furthermore, the category of men’s jewellery is seeing a growing demand with options ranging from rings and chains to bracelets in platinum. In addition, to the couple bands we have a range of bands exclusively designed for men as well.”


Patrons can view this new Barcode Collection across any of ORRA’s 32 stores in 21 cities or log onto www.orra.co.in for more details. The brand also offered personalization of designs, curated to individual tastes and preferences. Contact your nearest ORRA store for details today.


About ORRA:


ORRA is one of India's finest jewellery retail chains, having spread its glow with 32 stores across 21 cities. It has been at the forefront of design leadership and product innovation with 5 global design centres in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Antwerp, Mumbai and New York.

ORRA’s designs are handcrafted to perfection by master craftsmen who have inherited the centuries old legacy of jewellery-making. ORRA has a host of collections set with brilliantly cut diamonds. While Belgian diamonds have been ORRA’s specialty, the addition of 22kt gold jewellery in select 17 stores makes ORRA a one stop destination for today’s women jewellery needs, offering them the best of designs in an ambience that matches their discerning senses.

While solitaires are available in a variety of cuts and sizes, the key to its stunning beauty lies in its cut. This has been proven right with the introduction of the ORRA Crown Star diamond a stunning solitaire with 73 facets. These facets are aligned in perfect proportion to provide maximum brilliance. The accuracy with which the diamond is cut gives it an unmatched brilliance.

Feb 09, 2018
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