Nature has been a great altruist to mankind for about centuries together. Mankind and nature can never act without one another, they are both bound by the same thread. Men have often manipulated nature for their hoggish needs. Conservation of resources is mandatory. Also, ecological balance should be maintained. Its time man and nature goes hand in hand.



Green house @ home 

Avoid pesticides by growing veggies and fruits at your own residence. Create a mini green house using a Mason jar or a simple plastic bottle. Mix the soil with some manure (preferably cow dung or coffee extract) ; select  seeds for sowing like tomato, coriander, spinach, etc which you might use daily. Water them regularly. Lead a healthy life.


Organic agriculture sustains the health of people, enhances the soil fertility and strengthens the ecosystem. It is free from any kind of chemicals. Pesticides and fertilizers contaminate ground water level. Use egg shells, coffee grounds, manure, banana peels, nut shells and worm casting instead. Biological control method can be used.


Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation and storage of rainwater for reuse, rather than wasting it. The water collected on the roofs is redirected to a deep pit, a reservoir with percolation. Use it for gardens, livestock, irrigation, domestic use after proper treatment, drinking water, longer-term storage, and for groundwater recharge. Its one of the simple methods for self-supply of water.


Car Pooling is the most effective measure used by youngsters to protect our environment. Also known as car sharing, passengers with the same destination share a car. This commutation method is beneficial financially, reduces air pollution, carbon emissions, traffic on roads and the need for parking spaces. Statistics say, if car pooling is used, huge pounds of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide can be reduced.






Say NO to plastics

Plastics are harmful because they are non- biodegradable and contain toxins that harm our bodies and the soil. Keeping the above hazards in mind, it's time for a systematic elimination of plastic from our households. Reduce the usage of bottled drinking water, shop with a reusable bag, store food in stainless steel rather than in plastic, avoid nonstick cookware, create your own household cleaner etc., are some ways to avoid plastics.



Less of processed foods

Millet is an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Known for its longevity, it is consumed by the rich and the poor. Millet is enjoyed as a staple food. Magnesium content in it reduces migraines and heart attacks. It also lowers cholesterol. Consume is daily to keep yourself healthy.




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Feb 18, 2018
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