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     Textile plays an important role in everyone’s life and to fulfil this need with handlooms a history has been told by mankind itself. In India, handloom sectors are scattered and decentralized. The handlooms occupies second place only to agriculture in providing livelihood to the people. A sixty year old, K.Mageswari who is nominated as a best weaver for the national award 2016. She  came from Chennai to Kanchipuram for their survival.  She was a member in Kanchipuram silk handloom society.  She has a forty years of experience in weaving.  She said, a person can weave nearly 15 silk sarees per year.  The weavers have to work in only one society at a time.  The reason for why they choose this profession is only because they were uneducated.  So, they were working for this insufficient lesser income.  She said the benefits of being in a society is for a permanent job.  If they weave regularly, they can earn money.  The person who weave excellently will be welcomed for this job.  According to the difficulty in weaving, the time span of making a saree will increase. 


     For instance, this nominated saree was made for nearly a month as it contain some critical designs.  Not all sarees will be made perfect.  Sometimes there will be some flaws.  The major flaws will be returned to the weaver and the minor flaws will be corrected by the society itself.  In her lifetime as a weaver, she twice made a faulted saree.  She said before 20years, the weaving is very difficult when compared to the present days.  Those days, many weavers’ cooperation was needed for a single saree. But nowadays a single person can weave a saree.  The weaving of kadhar, lungi and cotton were quite easier than silk.  These type of weaver cannot able to weave silk, because of it’s difficulty.  The Weaving needs much practices.  Every designs of the saree they used to weave are chosen by the designer in the society.  They have already sent their saree for the nomination the previous year, but that time the award went to the member of the Thiruvallvar society. According to her, the disadvantages in weaving will be, there is no safety, they may not able to get any government welfares.  For every one saree, the cooperation of 4 weavers is necessary.  But they will get only 8,000 rupees for a saree for which they worked for nearly 2 months.


      Mageswari said that their nomination credits goes to the Head of the society and designer.      The nomination made in the National award 2016 makes Kanchipuram to feel the proud moment!

S.Banupriya, R.Iswarya, S.L. Preethi, P. Catherinejoyce, Kalki, Yeashisha dincy, T.Lakshmi


Feb 18, 2018
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