Mandolin Srinivas=Margazhi Music Darbar -2018-19

Uppalapu Shrinivas was a Indian Mandolin maestro, prodigy, trailblazer and composer belonging to the classical Carnatic. musical tradition .Shrinivas was born 28 February 1969, in Palakollu in Andhra Pradesh. At the age of five, he picked up his father U. Satyanarayana's mandolin, after he heard it being played at a concert he attended with his father

 , Satyanarayana's  Guru , Rudraraju Subbaraju, (disciple of Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar) who had also taught Shrinivas' father and Vasu Rao, recognized the astounding potential in the child Shrinivas and started teaching him. Since Rudraraju Subbaraju did not know how to play the mandolin, he would just sing pieces from the Carnatic classical repertoire, and U. Shrinivas, would play them on the mandolin, thus developing a unique style of playing entirely his own, and amazingly, on an instrument that had never been played in the scrupulous and difficult Carnatic style before. Soon, the family shifted to Chennai .He made his debut public Carnatic concert performance in 1978 during the  Thyagaraja Aradhana Fest at  Gudivada in Andhra Pradesh. He is heaped with awards and titles.

Jan 26, 2019
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