Be proud to be a woman

The sadness of the women’s movement is that they don’t allow the necessity of love. See I don’t personally trust any revolution, where love is not allowed….  Maya Angelou

International women’s day is celebrated on March 8th every year in order to make them happy and satisfied as they are the supporting pillar for their family. This shows herself respect and the dignity as how she toils for the sake of t he family. They focus on developmental skill and thoughts ,they show love and gratefulness’ as they are unique and wanted to be more supportive.

Sandhiya one of the married student said when compared to ancient women, modern women are more courageous and self dependent . Ancient women are dependent on others even for their basic needs. In those days women are only meant for bearing children and carrying on their household chores. Their talents and thoughts are restricted within the four walls under the suppression of this male chauvinistic society . Nowadays women have entered in all fields as CEO of a company, as HR of a company this shows their development.

They are like the phoenix bird as how it rises out of its own ashes women patiently wait and later they succeed in their goal. Women are heart and soul for life

Women should be bold, courageous, creative and also should be more practical . During this modern age, many women are raised as an achiever in all domains .as a women they have several burdens to overcome . If a women wants to be a success at everything she must be bold enough.

Suganya Robert, who was married and studying says that without being responsible a women could not lead a life. Every women wants to be educated

In modern society a women’s greatest achievement is that they have the power to run the family on their own this shows their self-dependency. Through education have gained many abilities and confidences to cope with the society.

Moreover this celebration of the women’s day ensures them to be proud and delighted that they are recognized at least for a day in the society. As compared to ancient today’s women are more advanced and creative through education and moral practices. Women’s day encourages every woman to feel pride and have a dignified thought to be born as women…….. Visual communication students of S.D.N.B. VAISHNAV college exhibited several stalls this shows women’s creativity and ability.




Mar 09, 2015
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