Celebrate Womanhood

 “A woman is like a tea bag-you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water” says Eleanor Roosevelt. Each year International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8. It is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women in the society. Organization , Institutions, Colleges, Corporations and the Media celebrates this day in grand manner. This day is celebrated in order to pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of women across the world.

“International Women’s Day celebrations by Tamil Nadu Federation of Women Lawyers on 06-03-2015 were conducted at Dr. Ambedkar Government Law College. A special address was given by Hon ‘ble Justice Mrs. S. Vimala and Prof. Dr.N.S.Santhoshkumar (Director of legal studies). They given a motivational speech about women and their achievements” says Gokul.

Women’s day is celebrated because from early times women are dominated by men and society. “There are many women achievers in all over the world. In India when we say about women achiever at first every one visualizes Mother Teresa and every one talkS about her achievements . In my point of view it is a very good thing to think about our own mother who cares for us in all circumstances. She is also a great woman who runs whole family in spite of all difficulties. We should show our tribute by showing our love and affection to her. In this special day it is good to present her a gift and make her happy” says Hari Haran.

From earlier times women are ruined by oppression and inequality by men in all fields. A female infanticide is a major crime done by most of the parents and now it has stopped. Because education has created awareness. . Education is the best way to eradicate such crime. Now women are equal to men in various aspects. There so many women doctors, lawyers, engineers, driver, conductor, writers etc. It’s all because of education. Many campaigns were done in order to bring inspiration among all women.

“Though some parents want their girl child to be educated and send her to job . there is a lurking fear of in security .Many girls are molested, raped in brutal manner. . Government has taken lots of steps to eradicate such incidents . Each man should consider each girl as their own family members so that they cannot do such heinous crime” says Amirtha.

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year to reiterate on the point that women is the epitome of tenderness, brave, care, love, affection, peace etc. Woman should be treated in equal manner in all .







Mar 09, 2015
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