Pen Uzhaipali

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."–Robert Frost


International Women's Day is being celebrated all over the world. The celebrations nowadays lasts for a week . The protagonist of the celebrations are women world over who must be lauded without considering their position or class . We interacted with unsung queen of the market, in Trisulam - Dhanabhakiyam. She shared her experiences and family struggle. Many of the market vendors are women.

Dhanabhakiyam is the eldest daughter in the family. Her sisters Preetha, Rupavathi, Selvi and Chandra are married and live in different localities across the city. But they came together and started a new business by selling various goods like fancy items, groceries, vegetables, fruits, garlic etc.,Dhanabhakiyam's husband is a auto driver. His daily income is Rs.1000. Her son is studying Architectural engineering.

She runs a Women Self help group and she is also a leader of ' Sigaram udal uzhaipu nala vaariyam'. She has name and dignity in society and is very simple and humble. Even though she is involved in such works, no one knows her position and status in the market. Verily she is Dhanabhakiyam.

So she is unable to run her family better and the money is not sufficient for her to pay fees for her son. So she wants to do one or more good or menial jobs to earn some money and run a family in a better way. Her motive is good. She helps her husband. She is the care taker of her family.

Dhanabhakiyam's sisters are also married and have children. They will help each other in difficult occasions. Her sister Selvi is also educating her children. She has given sound education to her children. One of her daughters working in Apollo hospital.

"Unity is strength". They are from different places but they have interaction while selling these goods, everything for their family's sake. They are really doing a great job. Their intension, with so much of courage and witness must be recognized.


K. Biralaya

B. Maria Madhana

A. Priyanka

S. Nithya

R. Karthika

Mar 22, 2015
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